Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Week-end

Saturday evening we went to Chad's apartment for a cookout and had an enjoyable time with Chad and Noelle, Clint and Tanya, Mom and Dad, Noelle's parents Hans and Debbie, and Emy and myself. The food was good thanks to master chef, Chad and all the trimmings provided by the women.
We are grateful for the freedoms we share in this country. They should never be taken for granted and the sacrifices that were made by those who fought for those freedoms.
I thank God every day for the sacrifice Jesus made for my sin. May we never forget the debt that was paid so that we can be free.
Happy Independents Day!

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oh joy! said...

Freedom is an awesome gift and responsiblity. Freedom is a state of mind and condition of the soul, not a state of being.

Think of you often...love you George! :)