Friday, September 24, 2010

Gordie's Day

For five years now Buck and Verna put together a fundraiser to help us with the costs associated with this disease. It consists of a motorcycle ride, bar-b-que chicken and baked goods, car show, and activities for the kids. Thanks to Doug Groff for bringing the fastest buggy in Lancaster County or possibly in the world giving rides to those brave enough to get in it. All in all it is a fun day. The weather was absolutely perfect! Emy and I sincerely appreciate everyone involved to make this day possible and the hard work that goes with it. Also, a special thanks to Charlie Pennel for making the bar-b-que chicken.
We really appreciate everyone's support and generosity. With your help we are able to cover our insurance deductible and other expenses not covered by insurance. Thank you all for caring and making this difficult journey a little easier for us. Know that you're loved and appreciated!

Friday, September 10, 2010


With a slight chill in the air I know fall is fast approaching. While I do enjoy the beauty of fall, I don't really care for the long dreary days of the winter months. I guess that comes from all the years of working outside in all sorts of weather. Now that I'm no longer able to work, I don't mind winter as much.
Life is like the seasons, we go through different seasons in our journey of life. When I reflect back over my life and all I've been through and the different seasons I've experienced up to where I am now, sometimes the only thing I can think of is why Lord. There have been seasons of joy, despair, hope, satisfaction, contentment, and those periods of drought when I felt parched and thirsty, lost and confused, delusional from the scorching heat of the dessert, searching for the oasis I knew was out there somewhere. Just when it seemed everything was finally going the way I wanted it to, I was thrown another curve ball, the diagnosis of ALS.
In the last five years, I went from being a strong healthy self sufficient man to someone that has to rely on other people to do just about everything for me. While this certainly not the path I would have chosen for myself, it certainly has taught me many things about life. Am I angry at God? Not at all. God said all things work together for the good. I need to trust him with that. As a friend I met online used to say, "Dang ALS, but God is good" She recently went home to be with the Lord. Along with her, I'm declaring God is good!
Just as each passing day brings us closer to the end of the year, so it is with life. That day will come for everyone. Some are born and never experience a single day of life. Some lives will be cut short due to a tragic accident or disease. Whatever the case may be, we all live for a season.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Courtney & Jerry's Wedding

On 08/18/10 Courtney and Jerry got married. It was a beautiful day, beautiful setting, and a perfect day for a beautiful couple. Courtney is my neice and her husband Jerry hold a special place in my heart. To watch them grow in their walk with the Lord is very exciting for me. Their children are precious. My prayer for them is a long and happy life together and God's blessing in their lives. It was exciting to be able to share this special day with them. Love you both!