Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today the weather is kind of crappy,
which really doesn't make me feel very happy.
I hate this life with ALS
but I guess God knows what's best.
I'm trying my best to understand God's plan for my life
Why he would allow a disease that brings me so much strife.
I pray for healing but healing hasn't come
But I know he can do it, because he did it for some.
Sometimes I wonder does he even care
But because of my faith in him, I know he is always there.
There are times when I can't feel him, but I know he is near
that's when I reach out to him and know I have nothing to fear.
All things work together for the good
I want to believe that and wish I understood.
He wants us to trust and obey
and promises to show us the way
Today the weather may be dark and grey
but it won't be long till there will come a brighter day,
If we remain faithful to the end
with him in heaven we will get to spend.
So when troubles come your way
and there seem to be no answers when you pray
One thing I know, that certainly is a must
His ways are not our ways and in Him we must trust!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011

Christmas was a fun time with my family We exchanged some gifts and enjoyed the day together. What would I do without my loving family. The best gift they could ever give me, is knowing they have a heart to serve the Lord. They truly are a blessing!
As we look to another year ahead of us, we have no idea what it will hold for us. But one thing is certain, whatever happens, we can be certain God is in control. I want to learn to trust him no matter what comes my way. Like our pastor said on Sunday, this year, let's make an effort to trust God in every situation. How do we respond when life throws us a curve? let's purpose in our hearts to trust him no matter how we perceive things to be.
May God bless you in this coming year!