Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas 2010

Aah the joy of Christmas. But for some it can be a difficult time due to the loss of a loved one or a family member suffering with a fatal disease or some other tragic event. Let's not forget about those in those types of circumstances. Give freely, shower them with love and prayers, anything to make their situation easier to deal with. God promised never to leave or forsake us no matter what we face. You never know what an act of kindness or love can do for someone going through difficult times.

April of 2006,I was diagnosed with ALS. By Christmas I was in a wheelchair. That was devastating to realize I'll never walk again. After that Christmas, I didn't enjoy the holidays all that much. Five years later, I've come to accept my condition and realize that this is the plan God has for my life right now. I can say, this year I'm actually looking forward to the holidays surrounded by family and friends. God is good in every phase of my life. Most of all, I'm grateful that God cared enough about me to send his Son to die for my wretched self. After all, that is why we celebrate Christmas.

I remember when I worked in the mall, I soon discovered Christmas isn't that joyous for a lot of people. What I saw were folks scurrying about, stressed out, irritated, complaining about long lines, and fretting whether this person will be happy with their gift. I had never realized how the world had distorted the true meaning of Christmas until then. I wonder did they even enjoy the season after all that.
This year when you're enjoying the fun and festivities of the holidays, show some kindness to those less fortunate, pray for those who are hurting, and give out of love like our heavenly Father loved us.
God bless you all!