Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 2010

This past month has been kind of hard for me. I've been dealing with an infection around the peg tube site. The antibiotics my doctor gave me helped clear it up but then it got worse again. the type of infection I have is very persistent and hard to get rid of. So I went to Hershey to see the doctor that put the tube in. She put me on stronger antibiotics which seemed to work until I started to react to them. Now I'm back on the ones I was taking before. The site looks better but not sure what the next step will be. I may have to have tube replaced which is something I don't really look forward to. I guess it could be worse.
On top of all that, I'm having a difficult time with my inability to enjoy food, communicate effectively, and generally everything I was able to do before. But one thing I'm thankful for are great caregivers who take care of me. I really appreciate my family and the love and support they provide for me. they always make sure to hang out and spend time with me.
I'm in a little bit of a funk right now but it will pass. God always comes through and provides the strength and grace to face each new challenge that we face. All things work together for the good to those that love the Lord. Joy comes in the morning.
Thank you for your continuing prayers.