Friday, January 16, 2009

ALS Clinic Visit

Wednesday January 14th I had my clinic visit at Hershey Medical Center. Everything was pretty much as expected with my legs and arms. I can still bear weight for a short period but I'm not able to walk. My arms and hands are much weaker than last visit but still functional. My speech is somewhat slower and sometimes have difficulty pronouncing words. The most exciting thing is my breathing function is still very good. My FVC is at 94% which is very good. The range of motion exercises I'm doing is keeping my legs more flexible and not as spastic.
Some recommendations from the clinic included a better mattress to reduce pressure sores, range of motion on a daily basis, and maybe a lift to aid with transfers.
When we where leaving I met a fellow PAL (people with als) that I've communicated with through the web site Patients Like Me. It was nice to chatting with him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13/2009

Time sure flies, here we are, halfway through January already. January 10th my nephew Ryan Dagen got married to Janae Harnish. If you're like me you probably wonder why anyone would want to get married in January. I guess weather isn't a factor when you are in love. The weather was questionable but the snow held off. It was a fun wedding. My son Clint is getting married Febuary 7th to Tanya Smucker. It will be a fun time but I'm going to miss him here at home. they will be living in Epharata where Clint bought a house. He is working at the house after work painting, tearing out walls, putting up support beams, getting it ready to move into. I wish I could help him with it but unfortunately all I can do is provide moral support and advice. He seems to be doing a good job with it though.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year

2009 is here and we face a new year with many challenges. Anything from economic problems worldwide, wars, new president, unemployment, and personal challenges. How will we cope? Will we put our trust and faith in God or will we live in fear of the uncertainty of what we cannot control?
For me, having ALS, I have learned not to look too far ahead and focus more on the present. One day at a time is my motto.
The Saturday before Christmas our family had our Christmas dinner. We had a good time together. Then Monday morning my Mom was rushed to the hospital with intestinal bleeding. She nearly died several times due to blood loss. She was moved to Hospice and has recovered somewhat and this morning she is being transferred to my sisters house where hospice will continue care for her. It is yet another reminder that we are not here forever but at some point in our lives we will be called home. We as a family spent alot of time together at the hospice center bonding with each other. The last several weeks have been a blurr.
I don't know what 2009 has in store for me but I know God does and that is all that matters to me right now. Hope and pray this year will be a blessed one for all!