Thursday, March 19, 2009


This past weekend we were in Virginia with our friends Aaron and Becky Stoltzfus. It rained most of the time but we had fun anyway playing games and hanging out on the farm. It does me good to get away from the daily routine of home.
There's not much new happening right now other than I am so ready for spring and warmer weather so I can get outside during the day. All in all I can say God is good.
I posted some pictures of Aaron's barn and his miniture horses that he is so proud of.


Anonymous said...

Gordie! Thanks for sharing Emy with me yesterday! We had such a nice time at dinner, and she told me about your blog, its wonderful! I'll have to check it every week now. Thanks, Abbey

The Cottonwood House said...

Hi Gordie. Great pictures of The Farm! Just wanted to say Hi. Hope you had a good day.


oh joy! said...

thanks for the pics, gordie! now i have to get down there and see it for my self!

dad told me your joke about the holy water. he nearly fell over laughing just telling us about it! thanks for the laugh!

also, i saw clint the other day when i was in lancaster for a meeting. what a handsome must be so proud of him.

love you...