Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion

Well here it is March already and the snow is coming down hard and fast. Tonight the temperature will be a balmy 11 degrees. Brrr!
Today is my wife's birthday! I wish her the best and pray her day will be special for her. I am so blessed to have her for my wife and mother to my two awesome sons.
As I am sitting here watching the snow come down and covering the ground with a white blanket of snow, I can't help but think about the blood of Jesus that was shed to wash away our sins and make us white as snow. No matter what storms in life come our way, we can trust God to give us the grace and courage to whether the storm.
Living with ALS sometimes feels like I'm in a rowboat in the middle of a lake with no paddles and a huge storm looming on the horizon. But then I sense the presense of God and the peace I feel brings me comfort knowing he will be there for me through this particular storm.
I'm hoping March goes out like a lamb!!


Anonymous said...

Hello brother, Sure glad you guys got the snow I'm sure ready for spring to get here.Hope you had a great birthday Emy. You have one coming up soon to Gordie. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Keep the faith. Richard

marti said...

wow Gordie you are such an inspiration !!! thanks for shareing with us on your blog.happy birthday love&prayers Marti

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gordie!!

I remembered--well a day late! Hope all is well on your part of this earth. Fl is great and we're having fun not doing much of anything. Today we go to the beach--wish you were here to join us. Have a great day!!

Mary Ann & Lloyd