Monday, February 2, 2009

Febuary 2009

This week was filled with a whole range of emotions for me. As my progression keeps robbing me of my physical capabilities the process of getting adaptive equipment to make life easier can seem overwhelming at times. I struggle with the thought of becoming more and more reliant on others to help me with activities of daily living. But with God's help I am learning to accept the reality of it all. I am signed up with United Disability Services that will provide an aid to assist me with range of motion exercises, meal preparation and whatever I need help with while they are here.
Clint is getting married this Saturday and I am very excited for him and wish him and Tanya many happy years together. But this means he will no longer be here with us and I will miss his presence here in our home even though he's not here that much right now with the wedding coming up. He has been working at the home he bought in Ephrata just about every night this month.

My Mom who was very sick over the holidays and nearly died is doing so much better. She is doing very well and is in good spirits. It is nothing short of amazing the way she rebounded.

Please pray for Emy and I as we continue to face new challenges in our lives. Knowing that we have your support and prayers makes life much easier for us. We thank God for each one of you all and pray God's blessing on your lives.


Vern Smoker said...

Hi Gordie, I'm sure clint's wedding is bitersweet for you. I know you will miss him like crazy at home. But at the same time you must be so happy for him and Tonya. Enjoy and cherish each moment at the wedding. I miss seeing Emy at The Cottonwood House. I miss our chats. I want you to know I think and pray for you often. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. Love, Vern Smoker

chad said...

Dad, when I read all of your blogs and see so many people comment... it makes me really proud. You AND Mom are an inspiration to so many people. You are both strong people and I'm happy to call you my parents. Thanks for posting your thoughts and continuing to be open with everyone.
love you,

Debby said...

Hi Gordie, My husband hasn't yet been diagnosed with ALS, and even though we keep hoping for something else to show up (Lyme?), we both are thinking it's probably ALS. Arthur's mom died of ALS ten years ago, and this is all looking very familiar. I was searching on Patientslikeme to see who else in PA was on there. Arthur and I are mid-fifties, kids are 18 and 21, we're Christians and live in Paoli. So I just want to say hello to you and Emy, you sound like you both have good faith and attitudes, even through this tough time. Blessings to you all, Debby

Thelma said...

Praying for you! Love you much!!! Take courage, God is able to meet all your needs! One moment at a time! Stay stromg, you and Emy are an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the and emmy are in my thoughts and prayers often.
Love Pam

Vern Smoker said...

Thinking and praying for you and Emy. I'm sure your home is a little more quiet this week.

Love ya you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gordie!
You are in our thoughts and prayers daily!


Vicki & Al