Friday, January 16, 2009

ALS Clinic Visit

Wednesday January 14th I had my clinic visit at Hershey Medical Center. Everything was pretty much as expected with my legs and arms. I can still bear weight for a short period but I'm not able to walk. My arms and hands are much weaker than last visit but still functional. My speech is somewhat slower and sometimes have difficulty pronouncing words. The most exciting thing is my breathing function is still very good. My FVC is at 94% which is very good. The range of motion exercises I'm doing is keeping my legs more flexible and not as spastic.
Some recommendations from the clinic included a better mattress to reduce pressure sores, range of motion on a daily basis, and maybe a lift to aid with transfers.
When we where leaving I met a fellow PAL (people with als) that I've communicated with through the web site Patients Like Me. It was nice to chatting with him.


Anonymous said...

hi gordie we were reading your blogs. you keep inspiring us all ! thanks for sharing the wedding pictures they were good. can,t wait to go to clint's wedding. see you soon, marti and charlie

oh joy! said...

Love you, Gordie. It meant so much to dad to have you visit with him the other night. You made him belly laugh and that warmed my heart! I will say it to you like I am telling him so often these days, you are a strong man! Where you may lack, God fills in the blanks and then some. His grace really is amazing, like the song says.

So happy to hear that your lung function is stable. I know this is an area of concern for you. I pray for you often...


Anonymous said...

Gordie, just want to say thatnks for sharing on the blog it keeps me connected to the family. I can not believe Clint is getting married next week, how exciting for all of you. I think and pray for you often.
keep sharing and I will keep praying.

Love you guys and miss you