Saturday, February 14, 2009


Febuary 7th was a big day for all of us. Clint and Tanya got married at Pequea Baptist Church and the reception was at the Shady Maple Banquet Hall. It was quite an exciting day for everyone. They had a live band at the reception and it was a high energy atmosphere filled with fun and dancing. Although I am extremely happy for both of them as they start their life together, I have mixed feelings not having Clint here at home with us but I know they will be happy together and I have inherited a daughter that I love very much. She will be a wonderful addition to our family. Here are some pictures of the wedding. Enjoy!


Fan said...

so beautiful! Congratulations!

I could relate to the mixed feelings you have about one of your kids leaving home, although I think you have even more to deal with since it's your "baby." I cried for a week after Mandi's wedding-- even though I honestly was happy for her and Doug. Go figure... I think it's an unexplainable grieving of some sort, but after the feelings are processed, life moves on and it becomes a very positive new normal. The thing is no one told me to expect those feelings (actually they probably did and I simply didn't hear)so I was taken completely off guard.

We continue to pray for grace and strength for you, Gordie and Emy.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures--I am anxious to see alot more real soon!! Weddings are so much fun but so many mixed emotions. So glad we were able to share your Big day with you and Emy. Now you have a daughter and maybe it will soon be 2 daughters. Noelle seems to fit right in with you guys!
I hope your having a good night!
Mary Ann

oh joy! said...

I am still in denial that Clint is old enough to get married.


Love you!