Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13/2009

Time sure flies, here we are, halfway through January already. January 10th my nephew Ryan Dagen got married to Janae Harnish. If you're like me you probably wonder why anyone would want to get married in January. I guess weather isn't a factor when you are in love. The weather was questionable but the snow held off. It was a fun wedding. My son Clint is getting married Febuary 7th to Tanya Smucker. It will be a fun time but I'm going to miss him here at home. they will be living in Epharata where Clint bought a house. He is working at the house after work painting, tearing out walls, putting up support beams, getting it ready to move into. I wish I could help him with it but unfortunately all I can do is provide moral support and advice. He seems to be doing a good job with it though.


Clint Miller said...

hey dad,
i wish you could help with the house to, but it is what it is i guess. at least i know you can be my talking encyclopedia when it comes to working with tools. if i can manage to be half the handy man you are i'll be just fine. thanks dad!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordie,

So glad you had a great day for the wedding--snow could have made it quite messy. Great pictures--looks like the bride & groom are quite happy. Great pic of you and Emy!!
Love ya,
Mary Ann

oh joy! said...

I'm still in disbelief that Clint is old enough to get married. Whaaaaaaaaat!

Love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine met your wife and gave me your blog site. I have ALS. My symptoms started in February of 2002. In my right hand and now I'm totally wheelchair-bound. I also go to Hershey every three months. My lung volume is down to 41%. Just wanted to touch base with you.