Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

The last several days my thoughts have been with Carl and the family. For those of you that don't know Carl he is a friend of mine who had a motorcycle accident that left his legs all busted up. I'm praying for a complete recovery for Carl and peace and strength for the family. Thank God for giving us doctors that have the knowledge and skill to do what is necessary to help our bodies heal.

Sometimes I struggle to make sense of it all. Why does God allow these types of things happen to us?

I firmly believe that God could heal me in an instance but then I think, what makes me more special to God than the millions of other people that need healing. Like the children in Africa stricken with aids and starvation. God loves us all right? In the Bible, Peter tells us not to be surprised at the trials that come upon you, but rejoice as you share Christ's sufferings so that we may rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. To be quite honest, I find it hard to rejoice in my suffering, but I'm trying.

I'm looking forward to tonight when some of my friends come and we hang out at a restaurant and have fun. I'm thankful I can still get out some.


MikeS said...

Thanks for starting a blog and sharing your life with us so openly and honestly. You are a tremendous roll model for all of your family and friends. Your courage in facing this terrible disease head-on is an inspiration to all of us. My hope and prayer is that we your friends can provide you with all the love and support you need in the days ahead. God bless you.

wil b said...

Hey Gordie
I've been thinking a lot about you lately,and i ask God to send you "little hugs" for right now!You inspire me not to take even breathing for granted.Thank you for being so transparent and know that we will go through this together!
Love,Wil B

karen said...

Hey Gordie,
Thanks for starting this blog. We think of you, talk about you and Emy and pray for you often. Having this way to communicate makes it easier to stay in touch from such a distance. We have loved being your friends for over 30 years, (wow, we're old), and respect you for the lessons you are teaching us all about being conformed to the image of Christ, even through suffering. God is faithful; and His word is alive and active in you. Love you, Bill and Karen

melbeiler said...

Good Morning Gordie,
I really like your blog. This is a great way to hear your heart and just random thoughts you have.
I treasure more and more the tuesday night times together with you. I will continue to be there for you as time goes by. We (the tues. night guys) are blessed by you and hope we can in a small way help you bare this burden. I believe true Christanity is shown when we face addversity. Any one can be happy when things go well but "situations/going thru the fire" is where the true test is. You are an inspiration and I am honored to be called your friend.
I love you and will continue to Pray for you.

Mel Beiler

mike & fi said...

hey gordie,
what a great idea!! since you left "gap" we don't see you nearly as much, so this is a good connect. thanks for sharing your heart and all inspiring word's. praying for you and your family. love you friend!

mike & fi

Fan said...

Gordie and Emy,
I read your words of encouragement to Carl each day. In the midst of your situation that is far worse than ours, you could understandably have the attitude that says we don't have any idea what REAL problems are--but instead you have a caring, compassionate heart for what we are going through. We can sense your prayers and love. Thank you.


Fan said...

By the way, Emy, can you fill me in on how your brother-in-law Paul is doing?

Anonymous said...

Gordie, I heard about this blog when I talked to Beck today. I am so glad that you are doing this. Being way down here in Texas it is hard to keep up, but this is a good way.
Reading your blog has been a real blessing the past hour. Wow!It seems like yesterday you and Emy and the boy's were living down here in Georgetown. Time just keeps rolling on.
You have been and continue to be a real blessing. I wish I could be there and just visit for hours. It makes me a little homesick when I see all the pictures. You have a whole host of family and friends!! That is for sure!! I will keep reading this blog. Chub