Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 ALS Walk


Anonymous said...

Dear Gordie,
You are such an inspiration to me. The web site and blog are terrific and I am very proud to call you my friend. Just so you know, every week when Maddy and I go to temple, we say a special prayer for your good health, your good attitude toward life and it's challenges and your family. Thank you for adding value to our lives.
Best regards,
Hank Heller

Anonymous said...

I like your site very much. It isn't always easy to walk the ALS journy. I can't walk anymore anyway, but I know we have our down times and I hope yours don't last any longer than mine do. I always think of others that are more advanced with ALS than me and I start thanking God again! I think God uses all things for his glory and if my going through ALS inspires anyone to live for God then it is worth all I face. Jesus faced much harder road than we do and we are evil in nature and He was not. I sometimes wonder why God puts up with us at all, then I remember His great love!

Thank you for sharing your journy with me and others, May God Bless you daily! Healed-Victoria