Thursday, August 14, 2008

ALS Clinic Visit

Every three months I go to Hershey to the ALS Clinic. The purpose of these visits is to assess my condition and make suggestions to help me maintain quality of life. I meet with the clinic nurse, the neurologist, occupational and physical therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker, licensed professional counselor, and research coordinator, The MDA representative.
I lost some weight, lost a little more strength in my arms and hands but my breathing went from 85% last visit to 93% this visit. That is good news because that means the muscles used for breathing are not getting weaker. All in all it was a fairly positive visit. Due to the increased weakness in my hands the OP suggested looking into voice activated typing software. I'm also getting these fuzzy looking boots to wear to bed to relieve the pressure on my heels when I sleep.
They should keep my feet nice and warm this winter. My feet are always cold due to poor circulation.
We are also looking to replace our current shower with one that has no step in the front so I can wheel right into the shower with a shower chair. It is so hard for me to step up into the shower the way it is now.
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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Chad said...

dad, give me a heads up next time you're going to hershey... i'd like to go if i get off work. have a good weekend!