Friday, February 10, 2012

January 2012

January didn't start out so well for me. I contacted a cold that I can't seem to shake. Needless to say, it has drained my energy level to the point where I have no strength left. Pneumonia has been ruled out so that's a plus. I'm currently on antibioctics, hopefuly they will work.

Right now my focus is to get well, regain my strength, and not grow weary in my walk with the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers


Emy said...

We can't share Valentines dinner together like in the past, but have many special memories to help us in our journey....thank you!
On Valentine’s Day,
I’m thinking about
the special ways
... you have made my life better,
the little things,
the big things...
your kindness,
the way you always listen
and pay attention to me.
You make my world
brighter and richer.
You’re a gift to me,
and I thank you
for being you. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Friend,

Just want to wish you a happy 60th birthday. I know you have got to have mixed feelings but believe me we are glad you are here and I believe you will have a great year.
I say it a lot and it is very true – you are an inspiration to me and many others. We all are given gifts by God (I believe when we are created) it is who we are and become. Not everyone tap’s into it or some chose to outright reject God and his plan for their life. I believe you are fulfilling Gods call on your life………….. Not sure how that all works in the grand scheme of things or why you have been afflicted with this disease. As you do, I believe God does not make mistakes or is against us. Your reward in heaven will be great because you will be found faithful. I am trusting the same will be said of me.

Love you Brother……… and I pray for you.
Mel Beiler