Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Years Ago

Five years have passed since I was diagnosed with ALS. A lot has changed since that dreadful day. Then I was still walking, driving, eating, talking, and doing all my own personal care. It wasn't long until my walking got more difficult, I had to give up driving, and needed some assistance with my personal care. Now I can't walk, talk, eat, drive, or do any of my personal care. It's amazing what we take for granted until we lose the ability to do the most simplest of tasks. But I trust God with a bigger plan for my life than what I can see. God provides comfort in every situation.

I found this prayer that seems to fit my thoughts perfectly.

Dear God, You know my heart and my heartaches. You have showered me with blessings and carried me through the valley of pain and sadness. Thank you for the Godly influence of special people in my life. Thank you for those who pray for and encourage me. I even thank you for the trials and hard times I have been through, for they have strengthened my faith. I praise you for giving me a spirit of love, hope, and acceptance rather than allowing me to become angry, bitter, and downcast. I praise you God, from whom all blessings flow. May I, in return be a blessing to you. In Jesus name, Amen

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Fan said...

...still out here in "blogland" reading your entries. Thank you for your updates. And thank you for the example you set in these past 5 years of how to deal with suffering with grace and courage. Your life is an inspiration! You matter.