Thursday, August 27, 2009

ALS Clinic Vist at Hershey

Well this has been a long day at Hershey. The past couple weeks, we have both noticed changes. We thought we were ready for today knowing the changes since we were in Hershey the end of April, little did we really know. First stop was breathing test and I guess this was the biggest disappointment. Six months ago it was 58%. I knew I was getting worse but didn't realize I was that bad. As the day went by it seemed like things went downhill from there. Because my breathing declined to 58%, I will be using a bi-pap at night to help with my breathing. I should experience more energy during the day.

Next came the swallowing and speech evaluation. Not much better news there either. Due to the high risk of aspiration from choking while eating, I will gradually be using thickeners in my drinks and have my food processed to a smooth consistency. Because my breathing function is so low they suggested having a feeding tube put in sometime in the near future. The surgery is too risky when your breathing gets below 50%.

Due to the lengthly process involved in getting some kind of speaking and communication device I will be having a speech evaluation done in near future to see what device is most compatible for me to use.

As you can imagine, our day was a bit overwhelming. Having ALS, I knew these things were going to happen at some point but just wasn't quite ready to deal with this all at once.

I am still believing God will provide me with the strength and courage to go through this journey and find purpose in my life as I face each challenge that will come.


Anonymous said...

hey Gordie l'm sure God will continue to give you the strength that you need. We are praying for you,let us know if you need us for anything.we love you and are praying for you!we are here for you. Marti

Barb Weidman said...

Gordie we are praying too for God to give you the strength everyday.

You are the best example for so many of us with your strong faith,tender words and your love for others. Your kids are so BLESSED to have a Dad like you and Emy to have someone as special as you Gordie.
We love you, Glenn and Barb

Tanya said...

I'm so very blessed to have such a courages father in law like you. You have taught Clint and I so much about joy in the midst of trial and perservance even when it's hard..We love you and will always support and encourage you in this journey. We don't always understand why but we know and trust God because he sees a much bigger picture then we do.

We love you!
Clint and Tanya

Anonymous said...

Please know that your inspring words, your bravery, your grace, and your strength touch people you don't even know. I don't remember what initially led me to your blog site, but I look in occasionally. My sister had ALS. She has been gone fifteen years now. I remember she used to say, "It seems I accept something I need two weeks after I really need it."
I am certain you are a grounding force in the lives of so many. Prayers are lifted for your needs to be abundantly granted. Blessings to you and your family,
Donna Welsh

oh joy! said...

You are an awesome, awesome man. With God so near to you, you can do this. You can do ALL things. Your wife is a marvel. Your kids are amazing.

Love you soooo much.

I pray that you find something to make you smile today. Something really special, just for you.

Becky said...

Gordie, for some odd reason, I did not realize that you had a blog until Emy friended me on Facebook. As I caught up on your entries, I am completely amazed and inspired by your courage, your strong faith, and your love of everything around, particularly your beautiful family.

Your strength is stronger than I could ever imagine in so many ways...I will definitely pray for your physical strength as you continue walk through the daily trials and tribulations of ALS.

Most importantly, Gordie, thank you for being you.

In friendship,
Becky Nguyen