Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I learned since being diagnosed with ALS

No matter what happens God is in control
Learning to trust God is an on going process
Family and friends are precious
Every day is a gift
Live your life like today is your last
Tomorrow may never come
Only what's done for Christ will last
Material things don't really matter
Sometimes suffering is part of God's plan for your life
One day I will walk and run again
Accept help from others
People really do care
I've been blessed dispite my condition
Faith in God does not always garrantee physical healing
I know God is shaping my life in his image
There is power in prayer
Sometimes it feels like God is nowhere near even when he is
Even when things don't make sense, trust God anyway!


Anonymous said...

great post Gordie.Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather . Think of you and Emmie often
Have a good week

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uplifting thoughts on life. They have touched my heart! God bless you and Emy!

oh joy! said...

You are so amazing to me.

Keep going. Never stop seeking. Persistance is worthwhile in spiritual matters.

Love you so much...

Fan said...

So good, Gordie. You are a man of wisdom.