Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paths through out few months

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

In life we have tragedy, and celebrations. I have had a few celebrating moments this past year. And also had a few that I had to greave for. In times like that I try to always look at what I do have, and what makes me celebrate.

As many of you know Irina has been greatly sick. Prayers and your support have been greatly appreciated. Please continue to uplift her and the family. We are praying for a miracle, because God is good.
                             Together this is the happiest path we walked together.

                                                           Dancing time!

Her and Arlington had a wonderful celebration on October 28. 2012. There wedding was a wonderful event. I was a huge part of it, as a father figure. I gave Irina away. The two made a commitment in their time of a storm. Was a special day filled with great speeches, dancing and laughter.

My son Chad and daughter Noelle welcomed a healthy, happy baby BOY on November 23. 2012 @ 9 lbs  1 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.  He has brought joy and happiness to our lives. Each day he grows and changes. He lights up our lives with his welcoming smile. He is our JOY.

                                                  Introducing: Jackson Gordon Miller

                                                            Happy BOY

                                                         A bright spot in my Life

                                                     Chad Noelle and Jackson

                                                                Holiday Photos

                                                       Aunt Tanya w/ Jackson

                                                     Sleeping in Uncle Clint's Arms

Please continue to pray for Noelle and her family. Her mom Debi Kuring is still recovering. Please uplift them as they travel this path. God is good.

I will no longer be writing my blog. I will narrate and others will write. To difficult for me at this time in my journey. I have been doing well. No illnesses. I have had a steroid shot for my mouth, and this is helping the secretion. I am doing well other then my muscles slowly drifting away. I am looking forward to warmth and spending time out in the sun. Continuing to be blessed by celebrations around me, and praying daily for the ones I love and ones that are in pain.


Emy said...

One day at a time! Love you

LISA said...


Anonymous said...

Prayers sent, thank you for sharing news of your family. Soon, it will get warm again. Lots of folks love you and look up to you.
Don Farrell, PALS in Mount Joy, PA

arhooley said...

Gordie, you may not be typing your blog, but you will be writing it. Keep it coming!

Michal Glowacki said...

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