Friday, September 24, 2010

Gordie's Day

For five years now Buck and Verna put together a fundraiser to help us with the costs associated with this disease. It consists of a motorcycle ride, bar-b-que chicken and baked goods, car show, and activities for the kids. Thanks to Doug Groff for bringing the fastest buggy in Lancaster County or possibly in the world giving rides to those brave enough to get in it. All in all it is a fun day. The weather was absolutely perfect! Emy and I sincerely appreciate everyone involved to make this day possible and the hard work that goes with it. Also, a special thanks to Charlie Pennel for making the bar-b-que chicken.
We really appreciate everyone's support and generosity. With your help we are able to cover our insurance deductible and other expenses not covered by insurance. Thank you all for caring and making this difficult journey a little easier for us. Know that you're loved and appreciated!


Emy said...

Thanks everyone for Gordies Day...I love you Honey for your blog

Anonymous said...

Your welcome!! Glad we can support you in this way. Hope to connect with you and Emy soon!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I made it ;)... I love you and so happy Payton and I could be there to help and play ;-)!! Bike ride was awesome!! Your awesome and so strong!!!