Monday, June 28, 2010


Awhile back my Mom sold her house after she nearly passed away two years ago. She now lives with my sister and her family who graciously provided a place for her to stay. During that process, she decided to have an auction for her remaining possessions. The auction was held for us siblings and all the grandchildren. The auction was this past Saturday and the weather was perfect. What an enjoyable day with my family, which is something I cherish more and more in this journey.

As I was sitting there watching all the things being auctioned off, I thought about the significance of each item and the story behind some of my Mom's treasures. Photo albums, scrapbooks, books, cards, recipes, dishes, pictures, wall hangings, hand crafted items, and all sorts of personal belongings. Each item represented a part of the legacy she has created in one way or another. Every piece was part her life's story. I was thinking about the kind of legacy that will be left when I'm gone. What will the things I leave behind say about me? I hope it will be like the one my Mom left for me. So what do you want to be remembered for? All the things, possessions you accumulated, or what those things and possessions have to say about you and the legacy you created?

My ALS is about the same as the last month or so. I experience some days that are better than others, but through it all, God is good, all the time!


Emy said...

Honey...I have great memories of you and we continue to build fun memories. I love are the greatest hubby! I love you

Anonymous said...

Gordie, I want you to know that the legacy you reflect in your smile, in your hopeful words, and your love for your family, and faith in the Lord - in spite of the challenges you've faced - are truly an example for us all. Ryan and I love you so much!!!
- Janae

Anonymous said...

Easy one Gordie! I'll remember your smile, gentleness, humor and devotion to your family. Your written legacy will be this blog that has touched me with it's raw honesty. Your living legacy will be your children and their children. Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

You're "George" to me...and in my heart I know exactly WHO that is and the special place you have in my memories.

Love you!!!!