Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11

Well the last several weeks have challenging to say the least. All the dreary weather and no sunshine was really starting to wear me down. If that weren't enough, my ability to talk has really taken a turn for the worst. When you lose your ability to communicate it gets very frustrating. Oh the things we take for granted. This has probably been the hardest thing to deal with so far.
This week has been much better. I had a birthday and all the cards and facebook greetings really lifted my spirits. God even gave me sunshine on my birthday! My Mom came to see me and sang a few songs for me. I could feel her love for me. Thank you Mom.
Yesterday I had my regular clinic visit at Hershey and I had a pleasant surprise with my breathing function. Last visit it was 65%, this time it was at 83%. Other recommendations consisted making some modifications to my wheelchair to make it more comfortable.
I am still waiting for authorization from the insurance for my eyegaze speaking device.
I have much to be thankful for and I put my life in God's hands. Thanks everyone for your love, prayers and support.


lily said...

Gordie you are probably the most strong person I know.. I thank God for you. You are such an inspiration to me.

you are ALWAYS in our prayers
p.s see you soon cant wait

Lee and Pam said...

Gordie, thanks for the update so glad there was some good news for you at Hershey. Hope the insurance is worked through quickly so you can get your eyegaze speaking device. have a great week and hope there is lots of sunshine coming for you.
Pam and lee

Jessica Cho said...

Hi Gordie!! I always love hearing your appreciation of the good that God has given you instead of the hard. You truly are an inspiration to others. Thank you for reminding us to cherish every blessing God gives us. I'm so glad I know someone so faithful to God. I couldn't have asked for a better family for my very best friend than you!
I pray that you are blessed beyond comprehension!! I believe in miracles and I know you do too!!!
love you Gordie!

Janae said...

Hi Gordie. Praise God for your updates at your visit to Hershey - we will continue to pray for the insurance to provide your speaking device. May God continue to shine his love strength and peace all around you and Emy :) we love you Gordie!

Anonymous said...

I love you Gordie and Emy

Love you Judy

Anonymous said...

Gordie, i was so reminded on your birthday celebration night, about food, and how hard it must be for you to smell and see food all around you and not be able to enjoy it. It's another example of how relationships trump for you and i'm so glad you have fun with your Tuesday Budds!
You will always be a hero in my eyes! Wilm

Anonymous said...

Your an amazing man, Gordie. We love you!

Fi said...

Your an amazing man, Gordie. We love you.

the three wise menn said...

I was blog surfing and came across your blog. What a truly beautiful and inspirational man you are. My husband and I have a little girl with a genetic disorder and uncertain future. I am always a little worried that she will some day be bitter or blame God. However reading your writings makes me hopeful that she too can see the good of things!