Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Season

As 2009 comes to an end, and the Christmas season is upon us, I am reminded of all that I have to be thankful for. Physically this has been a year full of challenges. But in spite of everything that has happened, I still have so many things to be thankful for. I have family and friends who love me and a Savior who was willing to give his life for me. Let's not forget the gift God sent to save us from our sin when we share our gifts with each other.
I am looking forward to spending time with all our family and friends over this Christmas season. There is nothing like enjoying Christmas with food, fun, and fellowship. May you all have a blessed Christmas holiday and a great year ahead!


Dave said...

Gordie thank-you for the challenge to be thankful no matter what! I spoke with your mother at Enos Miller's Miriam's funeral and told her that I was reading your blog and how I've been blessed by your outlook on life. She made me promise that I would leave a comment on here. I'm married to your Miller cousin Simmy and Fannie's Mary Ann. God bless you as celebrate Christmas with your family!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gordie and Emy,
I finally tracked you guys down! This is Karen George. My husband and I saw Mike and Fi at the Family Center over the weekend and they filled us in a bit on what is going on with you. We got this address and wanted to jot a quick note to say hello and to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. My husband is quadriplegic so he and Gordie will have to have a wheelchair race!!:)Loved seeing the pictures of your boys and their lovely wives. What a blessing! We would love to come for a brief visit sometime if it wouldn't be too tiring or inconvenient for you. I don't really want to put my phone number on this public site, but you can get it from Nancy Clegg at the Family Center if you are interested. She also has our email. Prayers and blessings in the name of the Saviour, Karen and Gary

Fan said...

I read somewhere lately that one of the hardest things for us as Christians to get ahold of, but the most beautiful when we really get it, is that what God promises to us in times of suffering is not first relief of the suffering. His promise is to give us HIMSELF. (P. Tripp)I pray that as your body weakens, God Himself will become your complete strength. I don't know how He does this, but I still believe it is true!

Christine said...

Gordie you have completely overwhelmed and blessed me since I met you and Emy. I feel that I have never met two people that are so wonderful and amazing in my life. You have touched me and never seem to amaze me in how positive you both are. I'm so happy that I have met you guys. I enjoy taking care of you everyday and I pray that the holidays and new year bring your family nothing but blessings.