Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1st 2008

This past weekend Emy and I went to Virginia to spend a few days with Aaron and Becky Stoltzfus. Even though the weather wasn't that great we had a great time relaxing, playing games, and just hanging out. They are such kind and caring friends, thank you.

Lately I've been experiencing some decline in strength in my arms, especially my left arm and hand. I am learning to accept these changes which ultimately will make me more dependent on others to help me do things I am no longer able to do. This week I feel at peace with my situation and learning to put my trust in God as this earthly body deteriorates.

It breaks my heart to see my wife dealing with the frustration that comes with this disease. I know it is hard for her, but she is a real trooper though it all. Pray for strength, courage, grace, and peace as we travel on this journey together.


oh joy! said...

Your wife is a kind woman. I even remember being a small child and thinking that "Memmy" was so nice. You both hold a very peaceful and warm place in my childhood (and more recent) memories.

You are both so blessed to have each other.

Love ya'll.

Shnookie LaVale

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordie,

One day at a time!!

Love ya,

Mary Ann(&Lloyd)

vern smoker said...

Good Morning Gordie, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You inspire me and help me to keep life in perspective. Even though I don't see you that often, I think of you often and pray for you and Emy and Clint and Chad. Emy is a special person in my life as well and someone I admire so much. Inspite of all the turmoil in her life she doesn't complain even though she certainly would have a right to. Her smile when she walks in to The Cottonwood House and her cheary Hello, always puts a smile on my face. You are both tucked in a special place in m y heart. Know that you are Loved!!!! Vern Smoker

Fan said...

Gordie, were you serious about wanting one of the wheelchair trays that Carl designed? If so, he wuld be happy to oblige!

Emy, you are a woman of courage. Being courageous is not always as we tend to characterize it: It is not sheer bravery and fearlessness in a given situation. It is simply doing what is in front of us to do, even when we are afraid.


Emy said...

Honey, you are amazing! I Love you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Gordie. Both you and Emy are very brave, kind people. I think of you often and miss our talks. God is using you and you are a blessing. Keep the faith!

Barb Stewart

Barb Weidman said...

Hi Gordie,

I think the world of you and Emy!! What a wonderful sister she is. She is one strong woman and is so much fun to be with. Emy is so blessed to have a husband like you that really cares.
May God's blessings be granted to you and your family.
Thanks again Gordie for sharing in this blog. My family enjoys reading this too.
We love you,
Barb Weidman