Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Shower

After experiencing some ripples lately, I am once again enjoying the calm waters. With each loss I experience, usually brings with it a time of mourning the losses I am going through at that particular moment. The cooler weather seems to magnify the spasticity which makes movement of hands and legs harder to control.

This week we are replacing our existing shower with a barrier free shower which will allow easier access in and out if the shower eliminating the need to step up into the shower. I cannot lift my legs that high anymore. Thanks to Graybill Plumbing and Danny Fisher for installing the new shower. Even though this is another change, it is a positive change and will be a blessing for me and Emy. Some of the things I never thought about and took for granted, have now become monumental issues. Never take anything for granted, it could change at anytime.

Right now I have a caregiver come twice a week to do range of motion exercises with me. It is supposed to help keep my joints loose and stretch my muscles to help eliminate the spasticity in my arms and legs. It seems to be helping, I think.


Chub said...

Gordie, Thanks for sending me your blog address. I will be checking in frequently. Please keep writing. Gordie, You are going thru defining and challenging times, but that certainly has not hampered your ability to communicate. When I just now read your blog I was very blessed. God has given you a great writing ability and you certainly can put your thoughts down on paper and you do it in such a way that is annointed and encouraging. God certainly has encouraged me thru your writing. Please keep the blogs coming. You are a valuable encourager. Read Psa. 18 today. It will bless you. Chub

Vern Smoker said...

Hi Gordie, Just want you to know I am thinking and praying for you today.

Marti said...

Hi Gordie I was reading your blogs,you truly are an inspiration!! I am praying for you Marti

Anonymous said...

Gordie you are awesome!! Charie

Verna said...

Hi Gordie, Once again thanks for sharing with your friends and family your feelings and challenges that you face daily, so we know how to pray for you. You turly are a gifted writer and an encourager to many!
Know that you are loved!

Anonymous said...

Gordie, thanks for the updates. you are truly a blessing. I love you and pray for you and Emy daily.


Chad said...

dad, i watched your "changes" interview from church... your a strong man and i really look up to you. i know you struggle with it, but your courage is very inspirational. keep it up and just know that you have a loving family around you that you can be thankful for. love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gordie,
I read something this morning I wanted to share with you:
"Every human being suffers to some extent. The difference is that our suffering need never be in vain. As we allow God to minister to us in our fiery trials, He is glorified, the church is edified, and we are qualified for greater reward." This made me think of you immediately, because this exactly what you and your family are doing. Thanks for this example of grace under duress. We love you.
Karen and Bill