Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grand Opening

This past weekend was the grand opening for the Gap Family Center. I was able to spend some time with Bill and Karen who are close friends of ours from Florida. They have impacted my life more than they will ever know.
At several times throughout the weekend there were several different concerts that were part of the event. I went to the Sonicflood concert and they were awesome. The lead singer gave his testimony about his battle with chromes disease and how he was healed. He reminded me once again that God has a purpose and plan for our lives. It really resonated with me and spoke to me personally, yes I am in God's will for my life, regardless of the circumstances surrounding my life.
Sunday night the Isaacs had a concert and one of the songs they sang was I Surrender All. Even though my physical body is failing me, I will surrender all to him. They too spoke of God's plan and purpose in our lives. I guess God is affirming that I am in his plan for my life. By faith I am trusting him and putting my life in his hands.


Verna said...

Hi Gordie,
Wow it was an awesome weekend! We are blessed to have such a nice place to worship.
Can't wait until this sat. "Gordie's day!" When we ride I take the time to think and pray for you. That God will continue to give you the grace and the peace every day. Thanks for the inspiration you are to me and many others.
Love ya- Verna

Anonymous said...

Hey Gordie,
You, my friend,are the inspiration in this relationship. We have loved being friends with you and Emy for more years than seems possible! It is a blessing from God to have the kind of friendship the four of us have, and we are grateful for the many memories and times of laughter we have had. (even if most of it is at my expense)! We love you...The Pistol Packing man and his forgetful wife!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gordie,

Great blog! I'm checking your blog and now I hear Lloyd talking to you razing you about those "Cowboys"
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Mary Ann

oh joy! said...

Hi George!

Reading your post, I could only think of one thing. NOTHING can EVER seperate us from the love of Christ. Not even ALS!

You inspire me.

Love you. It was great to see you at the grand opening.