Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25/2008

This past week I was reminded again of the fraility of life. I attended a funeral of an infant that was born perfectly healthy and contacted a viral infection and died after two weeks of life.
I thought to myself, how fair is that. Some people get to live a long time while others barely get to experience life at all. Even though some things in this life just don't seem to make any sense at all, I remind myself that God is in control and I need to put my trust and faith in him. I found this poem which helps me realize no matter what we face, we can still praise God.

I Still Will Praise Him
If I never see another dayOf sunshine here on earth,I still will praise the great CreatorWho gave to me new birth;And if I never see a brilliant moonOr sparkling star again,I still will praise my Heavenly FatherFor His great love for man.

When dark clouds hover all around me,And I can see no light,I just turn my eyes upon JesusAnd everything looks bright;In the midst of darkness and sorrow,He undergirds with care,And I can face each new tomorrowJust knowing He is there.

God’s great kingdom shall ever prevail,No matter what may come,And His people are ever secure,Abiding in His Son;He is my Refuge, Hightower, Strength,Great Redeemer, and Friend;Though the mountains tumble to the seaAnd all around caves in…I Still Will Praise Him!
~ Connie Campbell Bratcher


oh joy! said...

It is so much bigger than us. And, we can trust Him. Thanks for the reminder!

Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordie,

Thanks for sharing the inspiration poem!

Mary Ann(&Lloyd)

Thelma said...

God is bigger then all our problems! See you tomorrow for lunch! Look forward to those times! Thelma

Verna said...

Hi Gordie,
Thanks for sharing the poem with us...How powerful.. ...I will still prasie him!
Thanks for the reminder Gordie!
What a cool way to share you thoughts and feelings to your family and friends.

Love ya! Verna

Fan said...

Your visit with us this week meant a lot. I know it took effort on your part to come to the Rehab Center to see Carl (in the rain!!) You continue to be an inspiration to us. We appreciate your honesty and candor about the things in life that REALLY matter:
unwavering faith and trust in God no matter what the circumstances, the love and support of family and friends, and an assurance of meeting Jesus in Heaven.

Hang in there, George.

Fan and Carl